Racing Through Math!

We started off with racing cars (The idea of Jason ), we tried to link it with our math unit which was measurement and time. We first started to race the cars, measured them how long they went, and timed them. We wrote down the winners and it was really fun! the winners were Bella and Adithya . The scorekeeper were Michelle  and Clementine . Please watch our video and thank you for watching!


YouTube Preview Image

Power Center at ISM

Thursday morning, the children went on a field trip within ISM. They made their way to the far football field to this white building – Clip Boards and pencil in hand. No one had any idea what was inside of this building until now! We learned from Mr. Brian that this is were ISM keeps all its energy. They use two sources of energy at ISM. Solar energy – with 312 solar panels on the roof and Electricity fueled by Meralco’s diesel fuel. He showed the children the huge generators that keep ISM lit up and cooled down. The children asked many questions along the way and we continue to find out about the Power Center.

Tuning in … No Power

On Wednesday, the children came back from recess to a dark classroom – No Power! Candles were lit to help them see as we discussed “What is Energy?”. Lots of ideas ranging between renewable and non-renewable resources along with other forms of energy such as kinetic, potential and radiant energy. Now we begin the journey of unpacking the essential questions: What are the best energy sources and why? and How does energy affect our everyday lives?

Hanging with the Robotics Class!

On Friday we were lucky enough to catch Mr. Ringo’s Robotics class have their first set of races. He told us that they have not been building for very long – in fact it has been 2 weeks only and they have created their very own robotic cars. Since we are moving into energy, the children were wondering how they worked? It was definitely a nice tuning into electricity and how batteries and circuits work!